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One aspect of digital identity is our representation in synthetic worlds (for a classification of such worlds, see my cultural classification of synthetic worlds) - you name it - the avatar. Avatars play an interesting and important role in such worlds as they are the main point of communication and socialization with others. Without, social aspects in synthetic worlds are not impossible, but limited in various ways.

Identity means also something continuous and coherent, something which is badly considered in modern game design. There are many tweaks and tricks to build an avatar identity, but often, there are very limited in social range. ePortfolios for avatars could change that dramatically, and that's one of my research focus.


  • In synthetic worlds, where authentication systems are often unreliable or not wanted (in the sense to identify the player behind his/her agent), another way of identity proof is needed: reputation. An ePortfolio is suited to provide a place of reputation transfer.
  • Avatar ePortfolios should tell the story of the avatar, create identity (process as proof of growth or history) and collect artifacts as showcases of achievement.
  • Avatar ePortfolios should add other voices to the story to enrich and validate identity and the story told.


  • Digital Identity : digital identity is a concept that describes identification and authentication of an user in digital environments. Within in single services (let's say eBay, Amazon or Facebook), we can also provide some qualitative aspects of a unknown digital persona. Other services try to bridge the gap between services just for identification purpose (like openID). Projects like Google Friend Connect want to combine data about user from different social sites and to enrich an digital entity called user. But what about users, which don't want to connect to their real persona?
  • ePortfolio: ePortfolio is a product out of academic processes - a tool designed to support teaching and learning of individuals. Today, ePortfolio is a mean to foster individual knowledge and educational / professional advancement. An ePortfolio is the sum of thoughts, paths, artefacts of a long personal history of learning and cognition. It is a mirror of a persona.

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